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In the face of climate change and the adverse effect the planet is facing, the issue of greenhouse gases tops the list. Studies have shown that one of the biggest causes of environmental degradation is greenhouse emissions. From our daily activities, we are squarely responsible for the increase in these gases. However, if every one of us can reduce their carbon footprint, then we can make the planet safer for everyone.

Carbon footprint is the greenhouse gases – including nitrous oxide, fluorinated gases, methane and carbon dioxide and others – that every one of us produces on their daily life. That means we have to produce a small amount of greenhouse gas that can be absorbed by the plants to balance the ecosystem. There are ways that we can change our lifestyle to reduce our carbon footprint:

Here Are Ways That You Can Decrease Your Carbon Footprint:

Eat Less Red Meat

Most people have never connected the relationship between eating meat and climate change. Whereas fossil fuel is the biggest contributor to greenhouse emission, agribusiness –where meat production is categorised- produces a lot of emissions as well. In fact, animal agriculture produces between 13% and 18% of the greenhouse gas emission when fossil fuel accounts for about 64%. So if you eat less red meat, it means that the demand for animal agriculture will go down hence fewer animals. Reduction in animals means lower greenhouse gases and reduced pressure on the vegetation. Therefore, more tree and other plants will grow, making the planet a better place.

Drive Less

Use of vehicles one of the biggest contributors to the high carbon footprint. We have millions of vehicles that burning fuel at any moment on our roads; hence, contributing to massive greenhouse emission. If we can drive less, it would make a huge difference in reducing our carbon footprint. It is also important to note that acidic gases from fossil fuels such as sulphur and nitrogen oxides create acid rain. We also know the kind destruction this acid rain causes on the vegetation. So if you drive less, you will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save trees and other plants.

Switch to Renewable Energy

The most used primary source of energy is fossil fuel and coal. That is because they are easy and cheaper to use. They are also reliable and available on demand. But they contribute to the highest amount of greenhouse gases. The solution is going for cleaner energy that does not produce greenhouse gases and other acidic gases such as sulphur and nitrogen oxides. Solar power is one of the cleanest sources of energy everyone can install at home. It has no greenhouse emissions, and thus it will decrease acid rains. With nr acid rains, the number of plants and insects will increase significantly. So, we will have a more balanced ecosystem.

Reduce Energy Use

The amount of energy you consume on your daily life can affect not only the quality of air but also the number of plants. If you have electrical equipment such as refrigerators, air conditioning systems and other HVAC systems, then you need a lot of electrical energy to power them. That means more coal or fossil fuel will be burned to provide energy. What you need is use your appliance when you need them and keep them in the highest efficiency. Keep your fridge at full capacity. You should also use your HVAC appliance when you need it. Put the AC unit in sleep mode during the night to save energy. That’s how reducing energy consumption will lower your carbon footprint. It also decreases acidic rains hence promoting the growth of trees and other plants.

Grow Your Own Food

growing own food inside home

Of the carbon footprint of every in Australia, a good percentage of it comes from food. That includes the energy used for transport, the use of synthetic fertiliser, and so on. If you can grow your own in the garden and use compost manure, then you will significantly help to reduce your carbon footprint. Less energy will be used to bring the food on your table. So, you will have a reduced greenhouse emission including sulphur, nitrogen oxides and other acidic gases. The result is reduced footprint and acid rain, which promote tree and other plants.

Decreasing carbon footprint is something we must all do to make the planet a better place. These are some of the things that you can do at a personal level to support nature conservation. If we do this all of us, the result will be incredible. We will have a more balanced ecosystem, with improved vegetation cover.

How To Decrease Our Carbon Footprint?
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