This frequently asked questions page is a good way to know more about this website. We have collected here all the most common questions being asked by people to us on a regular basis. May this serve as a reference to you in knowing more about how the company serves the people who come here in our website.

Q. Is this the official website of Westonbirt Arboretum?
A. No, this is not an official website of the Westonbirt Arboretum nor are we related to the arboretum at all. What we are is a website that promotes this arboretum because it deserves it. People who come here are always looking for more information because the arboretum is such an interesting place. So that is what we hope to provide here. With this website, you do not anymore need to research from so many places because we already have every information you need in this place.

Q. Do we need to pay for anything to get access to the information posted here?
A. This is a public website. Our main goal is to inform so definitely payment for the information that we provide is not required. You can just access all the content of this website to your heart’s content without having to pay even for a single cent. What more is that you can also have our updates sent to your email directly if you sign up for your newsletter.

Q. Do we need to sign up for an account before accessing all of the pages?
A. An account is only necessary if you are going to engage in the Forum site or if you are going to leave a testimonial or you want to sign up for a newsletter. Otherwise, an account is not anymore required.