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As the world continues to fight climate change, one of the key areas that have been given much attention is the adoption of clean and renewable energy. These are some of the options that are promising to address this problem. Among the best options is solar energy.

Solar energy offers numerous benefits compared to most of the available green energy options. It is reliable and its renewability is natural. But what is this energy?

What Is Solar Energy

Solar energy is a form of energy that comes from the sun. It is tapped using a solar panel, which is a gadget that converts sun rays into electrical energy. That means every time that there is sunlight, the solar panel is able to produce electrical energy. Considering that a considerable part of the world receives sunlight for more than 10 hours, solar energy is among the most reliable energies.

How Solar Power Works

A solar power system works as a unit with one of the components being panels. It is also important to note that the solar panel does not store electrical energy. So the second thing that you need to have is power storage, where the collected energy will be stored. You, therefore, need batteries to store the direct current (DC) electricity from the solar panel. That is how you store power for use in the night when there is no sunlight.

If you are using AC power in the house, then you can convert the stored DC power to AC. That means you can use solar energy and complement it with the authority AC power supply. Therefore, you don’t need a new wiring system when installing solar power.

Pros of Solar Energy

No Greenhouse Gases

This is one of the cleaner energies in the world.  It does not release greenhouse emissions, which is responsible the global warming. It will, therefore, help in reducing carbon gases released in the air. One of the biggest damages that greenhouse gases have to the environment is the killing of plants. In areas that are heavily polluted acidic gases such as sulphur and nitrogen oxides, they experience acidic rains. If we adopt solar energy, we will decrease acid rain, hence promote tree and other plant growth.

Clean Harvesting

When mining fossil fuel, a lot of energy from fossil energy is required to drive the machines. This contributes to the release of more greenhouse gases to the environment. It is also important to note that a lot of water is used for fossil fuel mining. That is not the same solar energy harvest. There are carbon gases releases and do not require water. There are no damages to the ecosystem with solar energy, such as acid rain that destroys tree and plants.


Solar energy is renewable. As long as we have the sun, we will always harvest electrical energy. So it will never go to extinction as we expect with fossil fuel. It is a natural resource that we will enjoy for a very long time. According to scientists, we have at least 5 billion years when the sun is expected to die.

Every One Can Have

There are all sizes of solar panels, including a panel for the smallest items such as watches, phones, and so on. There are affordable options, especially for writing purposes. Therefore, if those with a small budget can install a solar power system. That is why it could be the best solution to environmental degradation.

Less Energy lost In Transport

Unlike the grid, solar power system does not lose energy in long-distance transport. For the grid, the lost energy is compensated by producing more. That means burning of more fossil foil. The result is an increasing environmental degradation. Solar power system offers a better efficiency since the energy lost in transport is insignificant.

Cons Of Solar Panel


Although it is said to be the cleanest energy, it also contributes to pollution in a couple of ways. During the manufacturing of panels, energy is used; hence, contributing to greenhouse gases. It is also transported from the factory, which also causes pollution to the environment. In addition, some of the materials used the construction of panels and battery is also unrenewable.

High Initial Cost

The solar power systems are expensive to install, especial for high demand homes. You need a lot of money for the initial installation. Therefore, most people in the low-income category may be unable to adopt this energy due to cost issues.

Even with a few cons, solar energy is one of the best solutions to climate change. If we adopt it, we will be able to decrease greenhouse emissions, and the impact on the ecosystem will be incredible. It is clean energy that will also help us improve the vegetation cover by increasing the number of trees and other plants.

Pros And Cons Of Solar Panels
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